HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – When will Dallas Cowboys billionaire owner Jerry Jones learn not to conduct interviews in front of the big draft board?  A couple of bloggers for Blogging The Boys website painstakingly reconstructed the Cowboys draft board ranking 132 players.  The bloggers used took screen shots of video footage and then pieced together seven rounds of rankings.

Dallas drafted their players accordingly but where did the Cowboys rank the Texans’ draft picks?  Here is a snapshot of Houston’s nine picks in this year’s draft and where the Cowboys had ranked each player on their big board.

         Rd      Texans’ Player                                   Cowboys’ Ranking

1         DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson               2nd round
2         D.J. Swearinger, SS, South Carolina         3rd round
3         Brennan Williams, OT, North Carolina       5th round
3         Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU                        Not ranked
4         Trevardo Williams, OLB, UConn                7th round
6         David Quessenberry, OT, San Jose St.     7th round
6         Alan Bonner, WR, Jacksonville State          Not ranked
6         Chris Jones, DT, Bowling Green                  Not ranked
6         Ryan Griffin,TE, Uconn                                Not ranked

The Cowboys and Texans evidently did not see eye-to-eye on each draft picks and their perceived value.  Dallas had two wide receivers ahead of the Texan’s first round pick DeAndre Hopkins: Tennessee’s Cordarrelle Patterson and West Virginia’s Tavon Austin.  Dallas also seemingly preferred not to rank players who had a history of injury (i.e. Sam Montgomery) or had questions regarding their character (i.e. LSU’s Tyronn Matthieu).

This is not the first time the Cowboys big draft board has been leaked.  In 2010 the Cowboys board was reconstructed in the same fashion when Jones again conducted his interviews in the draft war room in front of the team’s board.  Can’t Jones find another backdrop for his post-draft interviews? Here are some suggestions: perhaps a life-size heap of $100 bills, pasta artwork featuring a fusilli Jerry (yes, that’s a Seinfeld reference), or a Cowboys’ Super Bowl XXX banner from 1996.

Is revealing a team’s big board after the draft a big deal? Perhaps not, but the moral of the story is this:

It’s just always fun to make fun of the Cowboys.