HOUSTON (CBS Houston) A Texas woman was sentenced for adding PCP to her daughter’s lunch.

Reports indicate that 35-year-old Torina Ann Gutierrez from Del Valle was sentenced Wednesday for child endangerment. Gutierrez stood accused of lacing her six-year-old daughter’s lunch with PCP. She had agreed to a plea deal in March.

Prosecutors in the case agreed to waive another charge of criminal negligence for Gutierrez.

Listed in an affidavit filed last June in Travis County, was a statement from Gutierrez’ daughter in which she told authorities that she bit into a sandwich at school that tasted like “fireworks.” The girl also said that she could hear noise in her head. Additional reports stated that the young girl began talking to people who were not there and acting strangely.

After school officials noted the young girl’s strange behavior, they informed her mother. Gutierrez was notified and asked school officials not to contact anyone but rather wait on her to come retrieve her child.

After the girl’s statement to police and after Gutierrez took the girl home and called emergency officials, both the mother and daughter were tested for PCP and both tested positive for the drug.

Additional reports stated that Gutierrez has had several run-ins with law enforcement, including possession of marijuana and attempting to obtain prescription drugs through fraud, theft and assault.


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