HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Brooks Reed was back for OTAs on Monday after undergoing groin surgery in January.  The now-healthy starting outside linebacker found himself playing on the inside during practice to allow rookie OLBs Sam Montgomery and Trevardo Williams to gain some much needed reps.  Coaches were looking to evaluate the rookies and needed Reed to move inside for practice.  With Brian Cushing still rehabbing his knee after ACL surgery, Reed took reps at inside linebacker opposite Darryl Sharpton during OTAs.  Whether the Texans decide to use Reed at ILB during the regular season is not yet determined.  Reed said that he was willing and able to play either linebacker role depending on what was required of him.

“(The coaches) are just going to see how these guys work out in OTAs and camp and what-not. The coaches know I could play both. That’s what I did last year.  I played both.  Whatever happens, they’ll adjust me accordingly.”

Reed said the adjustment from outside to inside was minimal but each position required a different skill set.

“They are pretty similar positions,” Reed told SportsRadio 610 during the May 19 Fan Fest event. “You gotta be more patient at an inside linebacker.  Outside, all your day is just keeping an edge and pass rushing.”

Reed may have been known for his outside pass rushing skills but the third-year veteran said he had no preference whether he played outside or inside linebacker.

“I’m comfortable with both, really.  If I go inside, you get more tackles. If you go outside, you get more chances for sacks so it’s a give and take.”

In 2012, Reed recorded 2.5 sacks, 27 tackles, and 1 forced fumble in 12 games.  He missed 4 games after sustaining a torn groin during the Texans’ Thanksgiving game in Detroit.  The Texans went 2-2 in the four games Reed missed.