Let’s get down to brass tax “ladies and gents”.

Happy Tuesday. This should’ve been written yesterday, but I got caught up in less exciting things, the hours passed, and before I knew it, it was time to do some radio, which for those of you that were able to catch the show last night, was pretty damn good.

More on that later.

Let’s recap quickly what happened last week and over the weekend:

We debuted a new segment.

It’s going to catch fire – it did Friday night. And while it may or may not be similar to another segment you may or may not have heard, this is radio, we’re Fred and Ted, and we like to have fun and do things a little different. ‘You better Get Organized’ is an example of such. We will break the segment out again Wednesday night, which is Ted and I’s last show of the week.

More on that later.

The Texican from the Houston Chronicle who joined us Friday night. Great guy, great writer and kudos to Ted for reading Texican’s article about why Houston doesn’t have more statues. Hell, ROBOCOP is getting a statue in Detroit. Robocop people.

Ed Reed was a big topic all last week, and rightfully so. It’s not every day that the major free agent signing for a football team has a bum hip. Ouch. But he’s in Colorado – hopefully Kobe didn’t lay out his travel plans – and who knows when he’ll be back. I know it doesn’t seem like much at this point, and the overriding factor is as long he’s here for the start of the season, that’s all that matters.

Ted and I both went on the record last week declaring Ed Reed will not be in the lineup Week 1 against the San Diego Chargers in the last game of the first week of the NFL Regular Season.

Ethan The Intern. This poor kid. Our attempt to get him a date was all over the place last week. As you know, I wrote in this blog on a couple different occasions about trying to get the kid a date, we had the restaurant lined up, he was taking her to laser tag, etc. Friday night we took it ‘Next Level’ by having Ethan list qualities about himself. Upon Further Review, that may have done more to harm his case considering he listed very womanly qualities like being a good listener, the ability to carry a conversation and cooking.

Even after a candid conversation with the owner from House of Pies, a Houston institution, we felt pretty good that he was going to be able to set Ethan up. Didn’t happen. I think there may have been some kind of legal reason behind it, so I understand it – now we want to do a remote out there.  Let’s Make It Happen!

Back to Ethan. We left Friday night and Ethan was still date-less, and it was visibly clear the kid was bummed.

Enter Margaret.

A Miss Do-It-All at the station, Margaret has a 19-year-old sister who was willing to go out with Young Ethan, and we were able to pull that off last night. Very happy about that, Ethan and Mary, Margaret’s sister, are going out tonight to Pizzatola’s, and then laser tag I’m guessing. Ethan will give us a couple updates and Ethan will be in tomorrow night to give us a complete rundown of how the night went.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Ward joined us last night to give us some legal perspective on the drama surrounding former Texan Mario Williams, who looks like an absolute buffoon right now as he tries to recoup the $785,000 ring he bought for his then fiancee Erin Marzouki. Ted has very strong feelings about this case and I understand why.

However the former cop reporter in me who has spent his fair share of time in courtrooms and talking to lawyers realizes that Tony Buzbee – Marzouki’s attorney – is  just getting warmed up with the release of text messages, and his opening salvo that he’d have Mario ‘issue a public apology’ when the case was over. When Ted asked Todd about what it meant for Buzbee to release those text messages, Todd said it’s Buzbee’s way of ‘firing a shot across the bow’ and letting Mario and his Schaubish legal team know that there’s plenty more where that came from, so you better think about what you’re doing.

Mario needs to Stop, No and Don’t when it comes to pressing any further with this silly ring suit. I know Mario has that long cheddar as Ted likes to call it to keep going from a legal standpoint, but Buzbee is about to put a clown suit on him if he keeps pressing. Mario claims that his ‘skin is unbreakable.’

Tony Buzbee is going to test that theory out. You watch. I predict this case gets dropped by Mario within the next month.

Tony Buzbee is smiling thanks to all the evidence he has to make Mario look silly. Source: Business Insider

Tony Buzbee is smiling thanks to all the evidence he has to make Mario look silly. Source: Business Insider

Finally, I’ll put a bow on this bad boy – Fan Fest.

Sunday was a blast, what a difference a year makes and I’m going to go out and say I thought Ted and I had the best one-hour of the day. Maybe I’m biased, but the hell with it. As I mentioned last night on the show, my highlight was meeting Barrett Robbins, a man that I have the utmost respect for and what he’s gone through. I look forward to having him on the show with Ted and I soon. Also, a huge shout-out to everybody that came out to Fan Fest, got an autograph from Ted, took a picture with me, or stopped and chatted, it was very humbling to meet the folks who make our jobs possible. Thanks again.

Barrett Robbins signs an autograph at Fan Fest. Source: Patricia Estrada/CBS Houston

Barrett Robbins signs an autograph at Fan Fest. Source: Patricia Estrada/CBS Houston

As for this week, it’s Memorial Day Weekend coming up and Teddy J is heading back to Beantown on Thursday to see his kiddos, so we wish him safe travels and a good time because I know he misses his kids and is ready to see them and they’re ready to see him. So our last show this week is Wednesday, and then I’m sitting in for Josh on Thursday and Friday, and I honestly don’t know who’s filling in for us. Of course Monday is Memorial Day, so I’ll be on J&R once again with my boy, Murph Diggy, you know him by his Government name, Matt Murphy.

But it’s back to Biz on Tuesday.

Tonight, it’s Fair or Foul and whatever other goodies we have in store, and then tomorrow night we’re going out big – Haiku Humpday, You Better Get Organized and a recap on Ethan’s Big Night Out. Thanks for reading, look forward to catching you tonight from 6-10p on Houston’s Sports Leader, Sports Radio 610.


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