You read that correct folks.

It’s the segment that hits you harder than a Matt Schaub screen pass to Andre on third and eight that only goes for six yards and the team is forced to punt deep in its own territory – Haiku Humpday.

We’re shooting for it in the seven o’clock hour tonight because we have the fellas from TriStar – Bobby and Jeff – jumping on with us from 8-9pm, and once again, we’ll probably tie in the giveaway to the best haiku tonight, so get your pens and pads ready.

The themes for tonight’s Haiku are as follows – Texans Rookie OTAs, Ethan the Intern and Random…

Once again – the structure for a Haiku is 5-7-5 – and that’s syllables. Not words.

We had some good ones last week, and we’re expecting you guys and gals to bring it again this week….

Speaking of Ethan, we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty as it’s Wednesday and we’re still o-fer on getting this kid a date. E-Double-D-I-E came correct with a cute little go-go dancer who likes Star Wars apparently, however in what can only be seen as par for the course with this Ethan’s Night Out – she’s busy this weekend. Ugh.

Again – he’s 22, likes laser tag and is really a nice kid. And drives an early model Toyota Avalon. C’mon ladies, who doesn’t want to go out Saturday Night in a TOYOTA AVALON?!?!?! Did I mention there will be Free BBQ?

Toyota Avalon. Luxury baby. Source: Wikipedia

Toyota Avalon. Luxury baby. Source: Wikipedia

Oh, and to all my Jayhawks out there – Andrew Wiggins is going to look GREAT in crimson and blue. “He’s an assassin, an Alpha Dog,” Bill Self said about Andrew Wiggins. And the 2014 Final Four is in Arlington, the site of the team’s 2013 NCAA Tournament meltdown.

Assassins don’t melt down.

See ya tonight folks.


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