I like to think that I can get through anything. Maybe that’s false bravado, tough talk, or it helps me sleep at night. Whatever the reason, I’ve gone through plenty in 32 years and a few straggles aside, I’m generally happy with how my life has turned out.

But this Ethan’s Big Night Out event is starting to make me stress a little bit.

I had NO IDEA getting this kid a date was going to be this difficult. When I pitched the idea to Ted, he was on board, Ryan, our boss, was on board and of course Ethan’s goofy ass was on board, it’s free food and a night out with a woman, so you know he had no qualms. I figured with a two-week headstart, we would reach out to the best listeners in radio, Fred and Ted listeners, they’d respond and we’d have lil Ethan a date and he’d tell us about it and we’d all laugh and go home.

Well, people are laughing at home all right, but the date part isn’t coming through… Yet.

Once again – here’s what we’re looking for – a nice gal, at least 18, who may or may not like laser tag, has a pulse, is female, likes free food and is free this Saturday night.

Shout out to Pizzitola’s BBQ for providing the free grub… See ladies, who doesn’t like FREE BBQ and LASER TAG…?!?!?

Remember, text the show at 61026 or call in tonight – 713-572-4610 or you can reach me on Twitter @thefreddyd or Ted at @teddyjradio – if you are a lady that would go out this Saturday with Lil  E or if you know a gal that will go out with Lil E.

Help us out Ladies. At no cost to you, you can help a young, half-Asian virgin with little to no social skills have the time of his life.

Source: Midland Daily News

This could be you Ladies Saturday Night – with BBQ all OVER YOUR FACE! Source: Midland Daily News


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