Oh yeah…. It’s Monday, which may bring a smile to some of your faces, others may cringe with apathy as it’s the start to another work week, but never fear folks, what today really means is we’re one day closer to the start of another NFL season. Just think, 17 weeks from today – wow that sounds like a long time – we’ll be getting revved up for the Texans first regular season game of the 2013 regular season when the two-time defending AFC South Champs take their act to the West Side to take care of the fighting Mantei Te’os…. So let that put a smile on your face… And your kids will be heading back to school as well, so that’s always a plus. Education people – it’s a wonderful thing.

Alright, quick recap from last week:

-> The Rockets probably have no chance at Chris Paul – but Dwight Howard is a very real possibility, according to every NBA guest we’ve had on in the past couple weeks, but the popular thinking is that he’ll stay a Laker after he explores free agency and gets loved up.

-> TJ Yates actually spoke to the media. Granted it was Texans All-Access, but it’s nice to hear that he’s given the opportunity to talk now and again considering no one really knows anything about him other than what he did in his rookie year and he wears #13. Did people know about the jersey #? You know how I feel about TJ Yates, I’m not saying this kid is the future at QB for the Texans, but in the spirit of John Lennon – Give Yates a Chance…

Give Yates a Chance.

Give Yates a Chance.

-> Daryl Morey was on In the Loop and said that A. Jeremy Lin is a Good Player B. The team is one player away from being a title contender and C. They Rockets will look through free agency, trading or their own roster to improve next season. Minds were blown. For the Record, Morey got hosed on the GM of the Year Award, getting Harden for KMart, a box of donuts and a crappy draft pick was Grand Larceny  – in fact, in what can only be considered prophetic, Ice T rapped about the trade on one of the greatest rap albums ever…

-> Haiku HumpDay – this segment caught its fair share of criticism when we brought it out a couple weeks ago with some folks saying that because Jim Rome tried doing it that it was destined for failure. Couple things, for one, I’m a fan of Rome, he’s the reason I’m in this business- sports radio- in the first place. I didn’t know he had done the Haiku thing, and even if he did, there are some segments that Rome has done that have fallen flat, as we all have. Not everything is going to be a hit – we can’t all be hit machines like Lionel Richie, but Ted and I feel like we have something good going with Haiku Humpdays…. Ted brought the pain last week, and Schaub will live in infamy thanks to the line from yours truly – ‘Schaub throws ball to ground.’ Well, now we’re implementing it as a regular segment every Wednesday, we’re encouraging your participation and the ceiling for this segment is more applicable to say DeAndre Hopkins than Lestar Jean. Sorry Lestar.

"When did Fred say Humpday Haiku day was?"

“When did Fred say Humpday Haiku day was?”

-> Henry Thomas delivered Radio Gold on Thursday. He sat in the studio with Ted and I for an hour, dished on all sorts of fun stuff, including his own career, the Texans, what JJ Watt can improve on, the Herschel Walker trade and the best QB and RB he ever played with… The interview is on the site, go waste some time today and listen to it.

-> Of course Friday we had one of the best Fair or Fouls we’ve had in a while… My ne’er-do-well cousin who has spent some time in Kansas Penal Institutions off and on for the last five years tells the family that he’s out and he’s taking creatine…! Which sounds great, and as those of you that listen to the show on a regular basis know, Ted and I frequent the gym regularly, so we both co-sign on that. However, we don’t co-sign on how Cuzzo is taking the creatine…. 

And of course here’s a couple stories from Friday’s Fair or Foul for your viewing pleasure as well…. Here and Here.

What a week boys and girls. Of course we’ll have plenty of fun stuff for this week… We’re working on guests as we always do, we’ve got some good names that are in the pipeline, but nothing’s guaranteed til we see that check mark light up on the phone in the studio…. However – Christian Fauria, former CU Buff along with Ted – they both played in New England as well – will join us at 630 tonight. As always, appreciate you reading and tuning in to the Fred and Ted Show. Have a great Monday and we’ll see you tonight at 6pm on Houston’s Sports Leader, Sports Radio 610…


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