Industrial Audio-Video provides consulting, sales and service for institutions needing high-quality presentation and recording facilities. It services schools, churches and hospitals to design auditoriums, classrooms, boardrooms and other facilities for optimum lighting, sound and visual effects. David Lopez is the vice president and duplication operations manager of the company. At a recent job fair in Houston, he shared some insight into the growing need of I.T. professionals in the area. In particular, he says his firm is looking for interns.

David Lopez of Industrial Audio-Video (photo courtesy of David Lopez)

David Lopez of Industrial Audio-Video (photo courtesy of David Lopez)

What sort of work does your company do?

“We are an audio-video (A/V) integration company and work largely with schools, churches and hospitals setting up audio-visual equipment. For each event, someone sits down with the director and designs an A/V plan including lighting, speakers, projectors and cameras. We sell and install the needed materials for each facility.”

I understand that you service the Texas Medical Center. One might think that it has all the capital and expertise it needs to handle everything in house. What needs does your company address?

“The Texas Medical Center is a major client for us. Part of it is that there are schools in the medical center, along with many classes, offices and boardrooms for a wide variety of presentations. In some cases, we have to design the right layout for small meeting rooms. Each event presents different needs.”

If someone wanted to work with Industrial Audio-Video, what sort of training would they need?

“Engineering would be preferred. We do a lot of customized design depending on acoustics, available lighting and other factors. Today we are looking for social media-marketing interns. Someone with a marketing background would be ideal. Either a marketing major and engineering minor, or the reverse would fit the part.”

Suppose someone in sales in another field such as insurance or real estate wanted to make a switch. How long would it take for them to become qualified for sales with your company?

“Any sales experience can be helpful, but it would depend on the candidate. Certainly, they would need to catch up on the type of products we sell so they could be a better salesman for our products and services.”

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