By DEEPI SIDHU, SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey thinks Houston is one all-star player away from being a championship-caliber team.  Less than a week after the eighth-seed Rockets were eliminated from the playoffs in Game 6, Morey discussed possible off-season roster moves in an interview with SportsRadio 610’s morning show In The Loop on Wednesday.  When asked the million-dollar question about signing a big-name free agent this off-season, Morey replied,

“Yes we need to add one more all-star caliber player and then we feel like we’ll be title contenders.  That could happen either through one of our young players stepping up on the team, through free agency, or trade. I do think free agency is probably the most likely, although trade has a chance.”

With the likes of Dwight Howard and Chris Paul topping the list of possible free agents this off season, the Rockets would have a veritable smorgasbord of stars to choose from.  Specific players could not be mentioned since free agency has not started, but Morey did say he would be open to players of all positions.

“In terms of position, we don’t really worry about that because if we focus too much on position, I think it would hurt our ability to be opportunistic. ”

Morey then went on to give his own self-proclaimed “ridiculous” example to prove his point.

“If you had another all-star at the small forward spot and somehow you could acquire Lebron James, I think you should probably do it,” he joked.

If  the Rockets do not sign a big name free agent this off season, Morey could still leave his options open for a possible trade or keep his options open for next year when a new group of free agents will be looking to test the waters.

“If we can’t, what we’re probably going to look at is more one-year type options in free agency and staying patient and letting our young players develop and stay opportunistic on the trade front.”

The Rockets finished the season 45-37 and clenched their first playoff berth since 2009.  With the youngest roster in the league and plenty of available cap space, the Rockets are a prime landing spot for any of the top name free agents available.

Click here to listen to the full interview


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