HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Spring time is a fine time to fine tune your health. With the new season, a great opportunity awaits for you to get some great habits going that ensure wellness, prosperity and great health! Take a look at some simple ways you can “spring” into great health and greatness this spring!

1. Exercise! I love to go walking around my neighborhood and I love to see the sunset. A 15-20 minute walk can do wonders for your mental health. Grab some good music on the iPod and go! Perhaps you have been wanting to learn more about yoga. Now is a great time to take part in a great yoga class. Houston has great places for yoga and they are very affordable. Exercise is a great way to not only stay in physical shape but mental shape as well. So this spring, incorporate a walk into your week and watch how you operate at your peak!

2. Swimming Anyone? Perhaps swimming can be placed above in the exercise paragraph but I love to swim so I wanted to give swimming and water aerobics its own paragraph. We all know that Houston gets warm even in the spring and “water worlds” become places we want to hang out! Consider enrolling your children in to a swim class or do what I do: take up water aerobics! I go to an outdoor pool and I always feel as if I am at a resort! Get some good water workouts in this spring and watch the pounds melt away and your sense of well being increase!

3. Keep Those Allergies in Check! I remember being a little girl and I would blow, snort and cough my way through spring. It seems as if “He” feels I have “paid my allergy dues” so I no longer succumb to the sneezing in the spring. However for you allergy sufferers, it’s a great time to visit your doctor and find a long term solution to allergies. You (or someone you hire?) may want to give that home a great thorough cleaning. Each spring, my friend Artie in Charlotte would get her furniture and carpets cleaned each spring. Also, instead of cleaning such items as rugs and bed comforters, she would simply replace them. New is always good in my book and if it can ward off the coughing and sneezes then bring on the new!

4. Fun and Healthy Foods, Please! Many of us enjoy working in our gardens and eating what we grow. Natural, healthy and wonderful foods seem to bud just like flowers in spring. So grab some healthy foods from your local market or purchase seeds to plant and watch nature take its course. Great, healthy food for the spring awaits! A steak and a great farm-fresh salad is on the menu for today in my household! I also grew the cucumbers that will be cut up and placed in my salad! (I will set a place for you… no worries)

(Photo Credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

5. Finally, take time to enjoy budding nature. Sometimes we can become so overworked, tired, fatigued and just simply boring. Take the time to enjoy nature, life and just simply love! Whether you meditate, pray or simply spend quiet time in solitude… take time to enjoy your surroundings, because you are certainly worthy!

Do you have additional spring health tips? Share them and watch related video below:

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