HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Many of us will honor mom with a special gift this coming Sunday but for most of us we have yet to determine what that gift will be. For some of us the issue is cash and for others it may be finding that perfect gift.

Let’s explore some options that can ease many woes when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day with our special moms!

Moms really do not require that we spend our life savings on gifts for them. Many of our moms simply want us to spend time with them or to just hug and kiss them and tell them that they are cherished. Check out these low-cost ways to tell Mom “I love you” with lots of love and minimal money.

1. Music– Give mom the gift of music. Chances are there is an artist whom she loves. “Best of”CDs make great gifts and will only set you back between $15 and $20. If you are really strapped for cash, you can sometimes find great music that has been “gently used” at CD stores.

2. Gift Cards– Sometimes mom wants to pick out her own treasure. So if you know mom loves to visit the local dollar store or has a great clothing store that she always finds great items in, then consider giving her a gift card for any amount. One year, my brother gave my mom a gift card to a local retailer and she found a great designer purse which was on sale. She still carries that purse when she goes away on vacation.

Sometimes a gorgeous card really sends a huge "I love you" to mom. (Photo Credit:Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Sometimes a gorgeous card really sends a huge “I love you” to mom. (Photo Credit:Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

3. Cards and Balloons– Sometimes saying “I love you” to mom can be as simple yet as loving as purchasing a card and a balloon. Who cares how much it cost? I like to think that moms fall into that gift category that I like to call “It’s the thought that counts” category. They just want to feel loved and appreciated. Many of the cards today are gifts within themselves. Some cards open up and play music while others have keepsakes within them. Just a few dollars spent on a gorgeous card and/or a balloon can really make mom feel special.

4. Framed Pictures– Do you have a picture that is lying around that would make a great gift for mom? Perhaps you and your sister took a picture on your phone. Go and get it developed and purchase a pretty frame for it and give it to mom for Mother’s Day! I saw great frames at the dollar store as well as at the mall and all were under $10! Show mom love with a picture of you, her beloved child/children!

5. Food– If you have the money to prepare a meal for mom, then do it! Does mom love a great steak or is she more of a fish or chicken person? Purchase such and add a great salad or vegetable to it and make mom a dinner to remember. One year, my brother and I gave our aunt an ice cream cake for Mother’s Day and used a coupon we had for it. We ended up spending only $5 but the look on Aunt Johnnie’s face was priceless.

So do not feel bad about not being able to purchase your mom some grandiose gift. Simple gifts can really speak volumes. Moms love us and will always love us regardless of what we shower her with. Just the fact that we want to shower her and love her in her eyes, is gift enough. You are special and whatever gesture you make towards mom to show her you love her on Sunday will be treasured. Trust me.

Need more ideas? Watch the video below:


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