Friday night, the Rockets lost to the Thunder in game 6 of the series and ended their great playoff run.

The young Rockets kept the game very close throughout most of the game until the start of the fourth quarter, when the Thunder gained an 8-point lead in two minutes forcing Kevin McHale to call a timeout. The Thunder never looked back winning the game with a score of 103-94.

The Rockets were arguably the most under-rated team in the NBA this season. McHale should be highly considered for head coach of the year. Nobody expected the Rockets to even make the playoffs, much less threaten to force the #1 seed in the Western Conference playoffs to a game 7.

The sky is the limit for this young core of budding Rockets. With plenty of cap-space, the Rockets are hoping to sign a star free agent in the off-season as well.

Chris Paul, Josh Smith, and Dwight Howard are just a few of the free agents that will be on the market. Who will the Rockets pursue the most? Chris Paul makes the most sense by far.

By: Chris Liem Huynh


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