HOUSTON (CBS Houston) According to school officials, five campuses within the Dayton Independent School District were locked down as a result of nearby police activity Friday morning.

Dayton ISD officials stated that the following campuses were following lockdown procedures: Nottingham Middle School, Brown Elementary, Stephen F. Austin Elementary, and Woodrow Wilson Jr. and Colbert Elementary. Each of the campuses were all locked down at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Although school officials did not specify the kind of police activity that was taking place, the lockdown procedures were taken as a precautionary measure.

CBS Radio Houston spoke with Dayton ISD official Kim Lambright Friday afternoon and learned that the Dayton Police Department issued the lockdown for the aforementioned school campuses. Lambright also added that officials were in pursuit of two individuals.

There were no other details released at the time of this report.


A search for two men who reportedly ran from authorities on foot after a car chase continues but the lock down that was implemented at several schools in Dayton ISD was lifted Friday afternoon.

Dayton police stated that its officers were looking for two car thief suspects who managed to evade them.

Police dogs were being used in the search and officials combed areas, concentrating their efforts around FM 1409 and State Highway 146.


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