For experienced professionals who have found themselves searching for a new position, or looking for a change of pace in the current economy, it can be difficult to make the change and find the perfect working environment. One way to find the best fit for such an experienced worker may be in creating your own hours and choosing your clients by becoming a consultant. Those who are very familiar with industry practices and management strategies can do very well for themselves and find much satisfaction in their work as a contracted management consultant.

Global Leadership, Business & Strategy Consultant Kathleen Brush (photo courtesy of Kathleen Brush)

Global Leadership, Business & Strategy Consultant Kathleen Brush (photo courtesy of Kathleen Brush)

Kathleen Brush has spent more than 20 years in management and currently works as a global leadership, business and strategy consultant for many Houston-area companies. With the current climate of energy uncertainty, it is important to maintain a level of education and current knowledge of the industry that allows you to stay on top of any problems that may arise. Kathleen’s dedication to her education, including her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida, an MBA from Florida Atlantic University and a Ph.D. in management and international studies from The Union Institute, has helped her along to a successful career.

How have you used your degrees to your advantage?

“Without the university-acquired skills in strategy and organizational behavior, the creation of a new strategy, which by definition means a plan that can’t lose, would have been impossible. Knowing how to conduct the research, analyze the best opportunities, fine tune the target prospective companies, create a strategic plan and then implement it with the full endorsement and participation of the company would have been impossible without my educational background.”

How do you feel about continuing education for companies?

“One thing that was absolutely key to the success of moving the company into a new strategic direction was making sure that all of the company’s managers understood what constituted a plan that couldn’t lose. To do this, the company hosted a training program. The program took place after work and the ‘students’ were grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills that would allow them to participate in the company’s ongoing healthy growth.”

Do you have any advice for those wanting to improve professionally?

“Many companies fail every year because they remain stuck with a strategy that no longer represents a plan that can’t lose, because something happens like new regulations or a prolonged recession. Most, if not all, could have been avoided if there had been someone leading the charge to alter the company’s strategy. Nothing is more rewarding than playing a key role in making sure that your employer can maintain healthy growth.”

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