HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Perhaps saving money on things that we consider luxuries may seem like a contradictory statement but it can be done. Do you enjoy a great cup of coffee from that wonderful coffee shop each day or week? Are you in the market for a designer handbag or pair of shoes?

Enjoying the luxuries of life does not have to mean spending until your side hurts from an empty wallet. Check out ways that you and I can still  enjoy luxuries and not break our banks in the process.

1. Know that discounts can be divine. You love to go and get that gourmet coffee from your favorite coffee place each morning. If you do find that you cannot live without that treat, consider asking the coffee shop employees when they will offer discounts or sales on your choice beverages. Also, ask about a “rewards club” or a punch card that would entitle you to a free cup of java after so many punches. Finding discounts at your favorite “retail guilty pleasures” is a great way to save money on what you love. Perhaps your favorite perfume or body scent store has incentives for free products. You need to be apart of that club! Make sure you are taking advantage of money saving offers at your favorite places

2. Make your own luxuries. I absolutely love a mocha first thing in the morning. Instead of heading over to the coffee shop to purchase one that can total $6 or $7, I went to a store, found a great sequined coffee mug and then went to the grocery store to get a great mocha mix. Needless to say, I have a great cup of mocha at my desk for a fraction of the cost of a cup of mocha goodness at a coffee shop.

(Photo Credit: Assembly/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Assembly/Getty Images)

3. Let other hands do some work. I remember working part time back in Charlotte but wanting to still look and feel good physically. Instead of getting my hair, nails and toes done by professionals, I opted for a visit to a beauty school. My hair style, manicure and pedicure were all done at a fraction of the cost a professional would charge. The next time you want to be pampered but you do not have the funds to visit a professional, consider visiting a beauty school and allowing a student do it. Their work is supervised by a professional and they want to do a great job for you because they will want your business upon their graduation.

4. Forget new and full-price. For many women, owning a brand name purse is a luxury. Brand name handbags and items are great to have but remember you can find fantastic luxurious items on the Internet and pay a fraction of the cost for a new one. Many folks sell luxury items on the Internet on such sites as craigslist and ebay. In many cases, the items are in great shape and have little to no wear and tear. I found a great designer bag last summer and the owner kept it in great shape! I was concerned about the authenticity of the bag so I asked her to meet me at the retail store that bared the name of the designer bag. The bag was verified as an authentic one and I gave her her desired amount of cash on the spot for the bag! I did not have to pay for a new one; I found one that was comparable and wonderful. Gently used luxuries are great to have as long as you know where to look and what to ask to verify realness and authenticity.

5. Space out your luxuries. I really love to have a massage and wish I could afford one every week. Instead of weekly massages, I opt to have them once a month. My monthly massages are celebrated by accomplishing some task or just enjoying being alive. I just don’t indulge in them frequently. When you space out your luxuries, they truly mean more than having them all of the time. You learn to enjoy life, to look forward to great events and things to come and you also learn to budget. Perhaps one day I will be able to afford a massage every week but until then, my monthly massages are what I look forward to and enjoy. There is no need to spend money that I do not have.

(Photo Credit: Philipp Nemenz/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Philipp Nemenz/Getty Images)

6. Finally, know that your penny-pinching is only temporary. You are a hard worker who is bound to get that breakthrough! Getting out of debt, and saving for necessities  is only temporary. If you can envision yourself within the realms of abundance, then you will get there. Think of how life is without the debt, make adjustments in your attitude and your spending habits and soon, you will be debt- free. If you can see it, then you can achieve it. So celebrate! You are on the path of greatness and hey… stop along the way for that special item that is offered at a wonderfully reduced rate and celebrate!

Do you have additional ways you save on things you love? Share them and watch related video by clicking here!


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