There is nothing like a well-dressed man. In fact, men can be front and center when it comes to great style.

Check out these simple fashion tips that can leave men looking great when out and about!

1. Guys… Please make sure your clothes fit. As ladies, we love to see our men in clothes that fit. When pants are too small or too big or your shirts are ill-fitting, it really makes a negative statement. So as a man who wants to exude great style and stature, make sure that what you wear is great looking and fits your body type well.

2. Stay on the simple side of life. Great style does not have to be complicated. Try not to overdo it with accessories, colors, color combinations and clothes. Less is best. For example, a tailored shirt with a pair of pants are great to wear. Perhaps you want to turn up your sleeves and show off those incredible arms. Please do so with a bracelet or a watch and then perhaps a hat. Keep style and clothing simple and you, as the great male you are, will be sure to turn heads!

3. Do you have questions? Take us along with you! What better way to build your fashion wardrobe than to take a woman with you during your fashion and shopping festivities. If you have questions about something, allow us to give you an opinion and a fresh perspective. We love to help and we promise to allow you to speak your mind.

(Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

4. What’s in a brand name? Great clothes do not have to be name brand clothes. Great clothes come in all kind of styles and colors. So do not be consumed with having every piece of clothing you own be a brand name piece of clothing. We are captivated with how well you put it together rather than who made it.

5. Try the new! If you usually do not wear a fedora, or you are not friends of suspenders, then try them! You may find that a new accessory will really compliment your style. Do not be afraid to try something new. We women love a well dressed man and would never allow you to look foolish with your fashion choices. So try new things in terms of fashion and see where they take you!

What are additional fashion tips you have for the man in your life? Share them and watch related video by clicking here and here!

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