A.J. Clemente is a man known of few words but two profanity-laced words he spoke, have catapulted him into stardom.

Clemente was beginning his career as a news anchor for a station in North Dakota on Sunday when he uttered two profane words while a microphone was on and captured every syllable of the cursing.

“F***ing “S**t” is what Clemete stated in disgust while adjusting his microphone.

Life after uttering those obscenities has been nothing but sweet for Clemente. He has gotten offers for national journalism/broadcasting jobs and even made an appearance on David Letterman’s late night talk show Wednesday.

During Clemente’s appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman”,  Letterman seemed to sympathize with Clemente during his sit-down interview with him: “People who have been in the business for decades have had this happen to them,” Letterman said. He said later, “This is not all your fault. The technical end failed you. They just failed you.”

Clemente’s profanity rant on the news station hit the Internet and since then, his name has been on the lips of just about everyone.

The former North Dakota NBC affiliate KFYR reporter told Letterman that he was trying to nail down the pronunciation of the winners of the London Marathon, and didn’t realize he was on the air. So he did what anyone of us do when we are frustrated… we speak the language of profanity.

“I shouldn’t have said the words, but it was a perfect storm of mistakes,” Clemente admitted to Letterman.

Letterman then offered encouragement to the aspiring journalist: “You, my friend, have nothing to worry about.

I guess it’s the rest of the world who is now uttering obscenities to see where it will land them.

Watch Clemente’s appearance on Letterman by clicking here.


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