The NFL Draft is impossible to predict. Don’t believe me? Just look at every useless mock draft put out by prognosticating pundits in a given year. After wasting hours “looking over tape” – aka “googling Mel Kiper’s and Todd McShay’s big board”, the average “great” mock draft predicts about 5 selections correctly. Good job. Good effort.

I digress. What the hell was I talking about?

Oh yeah. How unpredictable the draft can be. Especially for a team like the Texans – who are obsessed with drafting the best player available no matter their needs.

But if there’s one thing you can bet on in this draft, it’s that at some point the Texans will draft a wide receiver. And sooner rather than later.

General Manager Rick Smith – who was otherwise extremely vague at Tuesday’s press conference – even acknowledged the need.

“It’s been well-documented,” said Smith when asked if receiver was an area to address on draft day. “I was very impressed last year with the progress of DeVier Posey late. Obviously, unfortunately he had the injury. I liked what I saw in Keshawn’s (Martin) development. So we’ve got some good young receivers. I think we can add a player there.”

And while he’s confident in his rookie receivers from the past draft, it seems Smith realizes that Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson need a little more help. He has to right? Especially after Andre’s comments last Saturday at his annual football camp for kids.

“I’d like to have another (receiver),” said Johnson. “I’m all for it. I’ve asked for it for awhile. The more weapons we have, the better it’ll be for the team.”

If there’s anyone on this team you should pay attention to, it’s probably the guy who’s played here for 10 seasons. Especially when you read the next comments:

“If we’re able to add another guy, it would probably be the best group of receivers we’ve had since I’ve been here,” continued Johnson. “Adding another guy (to go with) Posey, Lestar (Jean) and Keshawn — that’s a lot of talent. Not only would it be good for now, but it would be good for our future.”

Sounds pretty serious. And after hearing from Andre this weekend, maybe this line from Smith Tuesday foreshadows a first round receiver donning deep steel blue.

“There is nobody that understands our football team better than the players,” said Smith. “Certainly the leaders of our team, I think you have to listen to those guys when they talk about their football team.”

Smith continued by saying that the opinions of a player wouldn’t hold any more weight than that of a coach or scout. And I’ll admit it’s a bit of a reach to create a theory based off of two quotes in the same week.

But don’t be surprised if that first pick is a wide-out. Because I’m now expecting it.

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