HOUSTON (CBS Houston) It’s official: I will be sailing to Cozumel México in August on a wonderful cruise ship.

With a little preparation, “belt-tightening” and some saving of my money, I was able to set aside funds for a fantastic voyage. You can too!

Do you have your sights set on a wonderful vacation but it seems as if the financing for it is out of reach? Well, take a look at some of these tips to save for that dream vacation and hopefully you can change your mind as well as your course of action and soon plan for a fun excursion!

1. Set in stone where you want to go and when. I like to take a vacation once a year to an exotic location. I love fun with sun, beaches, pools, palm trees and hot weather. Each January, I make it a point to investigate various destinations by talking with friends, finding deals and trips on the Internet and simply searching for a great place to go for a few days. This year, I learned of a comedy cruise and immediately made up in my mind that the cruise will serve as my “annual getaway”. Find a good trip and place your energies into planning for it. Do you want to take a cruise as well? Are you interested in spending a week in the Bahamas or Las Vegas? Do you want to go to a remote part of the country and stay in a cabin? Find a trip, get the details and begin seeing yourself there!

2. Look at your income. For me, I began a terrific new job earlier this year and began thinking of how to save my money for the cruise. I looked at my bi-weekly pay and what it would cost to set aside money for my cruise. Look at your finances and see what you can set aside and begin to set that money aside!

3. Know your costs. After I knew where I wanted to travel, I contacted the cruise organizer for a complete figure for the trip. I knew I wanted a cabin alone and I wanted to get the complete rate. He emailed be back  with the costs for my single cabin and then I began setting aside money for my cruise. Once you know where you want to go, get a complete cost of charges and find out what return policies are implemented from the director, travel agent and/or trip organizer should you have to cancel your trip. But hey… we are not talking cancellations; we are talking a fun getaway! Also, stay in constant communication with the organizer of the trip. Chances are you can have flexibility when it comes to making payments.

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

4. Begin the “belt-tightening”. OK. So you have your vacation, you know what it will cost, now it is time to begin saving your money. For many of us, it means “belt-tightening”. Now do not become scared from the phrase “belt-tightening” . You are not tightening your belt forever; many folks forget that. You are in saving mode for your trip and with a little diligence, it will soon be paid in full. Find out where you can cut costs. For me, it meant that weekly trips to the pedicure salon turned into bi-weekly trips to the salon. Also, movies every week were cut. I ordered a movie package from my cable company, so for the time being, that movie package would have to fufill my “cinema cravings.” Where can you tighten your belt? What are daily, weekly and monthly expenses you can live without for awhile? Cut them and watch your savings and payments grow toward your trip!

5. Perhaps a part-time job may be in order? Once I knew I was in the planning stages for my voyage, I quickly scouted the Internet for a part-time job. I love to write and thought it would be best to find a job that would not interfere with my full-time work and would afford me an opportunity to do what I love, which is write. I almost immediately found a great job writing and was paid weekly. I took the money I earned and placed it in my second bank account, made payments on my trip and began to see the balance due for my fantastic voyage quickly dwindle. Can you afford a part-time job? Can you find temporary work a few hours a week and use that income to place in an account for your trip? If you can, consider part-time work and see how things go.

6. Earning extra hours at work. If you are not able to mentally or emotionally afford a part-time job, then consider taking on extra hours at the full-time job. It can be discouraging to ask your boss to earn extra income with a lack-luster economy or the company implementing its own “belt-tightening” , but ask anyway. Can you work a few extra hours or pick up some hours on the weekend and earn more income? It never hurts to ask and hey… your boss may have a temporary opportunity for you to earn a little income. As one friend told me: “You have not, because you ask not”. That phrase is also in the Bible as well… I’m just saying.

7. Fuel that positive energy! Each time I would think about my trip, I would get so excited! I would look at pictures of the cruise ship and pictures of Mexico and become elated! I also spent time just “speaking a paid-for” trip into existence. You do know that your words can really have impact on your life, so choose them wisely and chose them filled with positive energies behind every letter!

So as we embark upon the month of May, I see that my trip is paid off and I am real proud of myself for my diligence and my efforts. I stayed committed to paying for it and it is now paid in full! My trip is all inclusive and very little spending money will be required. I have no fear that I can save money for spending too! So find a trip, make it a goal to pay for it, practice diligence and positive thoughts and soon you will be sailing, flying and sashaying to that wonderful, heavenly place you will soon call vacation!

Bon voyage!

Do you have tips that you use to save for a vacation? Share them and enjoy related video by clicking here!


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