HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Whether you’re a parent looking for the right institution of higher learning for your child or a perspective college student, there’s good news for two Texas colleges.

TheBestColleges.org has put out its list of “The 50 Most Amazing College Campuses for 2013,” ranking schools in the country based upon the beauty of college campuses. Two Houston-area institutions of higher learning are on the list.

Rice University in Houston ranks at the 42nd college with astounding beauty and Texas A&M University in College Station is ranked at #44.

Texas A&M University (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Texas A&M University (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The website writes of the spaciousness and classic style of the A&M campus: “Texas A&M boasts one of the largest campuses in America at 5200 acres. When you think of Texas A&M you think about the 12th man and Kyle Field. Steeped in tradition, the crowds at Aggie Football games are some of the best in the land. Spread out on the vast campus is the library of former President of the United States, George H. W. Bush, as well as the Corps Arches in the Quadrangle, an area featured to honor and welcome Cadets to the campus.”

In terms of Rice University, the website highlights the university’s convenience when it comes to location as well as Rice University’s picturesque buildings: “Located in downtown Houston’s Museum District, Rice University has still found a way to provide plenty of green space for its students. Priding itself as an environmentally responsible campus, Duncan Hall, the Math and Science Center, is one of the favorite buildings on campus. Two newer residential dorms, McMurtry College and Duncan College, are LEED Gold certified. Based on the request of the University’s first president’s watchful eye, nearly every building on campus was crafted in Byzantine style featuring sand and pink-colored bricks, large archways, and columns.”

“The 50 Most Amazing College Campuses for 2013” article on the website also features such schools as the University of Minnesota, Wake Forest University, Scripps College and others.

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