If you’re like anyone around the office or the community this week, chances are your heart and soul may be a bit low, because of the events in Boston earlier this week.

Tumultuous events such as the bombings at the Boston Marathon can leave one with feelings of hopelessness, confusion and even depression. So what can be done to lift spirits, souls and minds of those who may be grappling with issues of sadness as many begin to comprehend the catastrophic events of this week? There are steps you can take to overcome and live a joyous life, despite the trials and challenges of the world.

1. Turn off the televisions. By now, you have seen the images of the bombs exploding near the Boston Marathon as well as the blood on the streets, on the runners and others. Watching the images over and over again does nothing but make a heavy heart even heavier. So turn off the television for awhile or switch to a favorite sitcom or movie to watch that is uplifting. Leave the images alone; they are not going anywhere.

2. Take a walk or spend time outdoors. Being outdoors does wonders for your outlook, well being and your spirit, not to mention your health. I love where I live and take advantage of being outside when I can. I also live near a park with a great walking trail. I grab my music, put my walking shoes on my feet and go power walking! It is great to do so and leave the world behind, if only for an hour. You pet-owners know the joys of taking your pet outdoors and walking that pet. Now is as good of a time as any to walk your favorite four-legged friend.

(Photo Credit: Tay Jnr/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Tay Jnr/Getty Images)

3. Write it down. Sometimes the best way to heal from heartache is to put it on paper. I used to think that writing was no way to heal, but I have been proven wrong. I went to my local bookstore, found a great deal on some wonderfully colorful journals, bought them and began writing in them. Most of my writings are from sermons I hear online or on the Internet from pastors and preachers. Much of my writing is about the day I had and what I hope to accomplish in my future. The great thing about my journals is that I am the only one who can read them, add to them and re-read them again if need be. So for those feelings you have and that built-up frustration you are experiencing, put it on paper. Don’t get locked down into making yourself write; write when you want to and write whatever you want to. It really helps.

4. Spending time with others. I’ll be the first to admit: I love solitude! Long hours at my wonderful job can be draining and the last thing I want to do is spend time with others. Perhaps you cannot spend time with others during the week, but make it a point to call a friend for a movie or coffee during your weekend. You don’t have to spend an incredible amount of time with others but sometimes it helps to be surrounded with someone who will make you laugh and smile for a bit.

5.Go ahead and cry. Sometimes nothing in the world will bring you out of the funk you are in but a good cry. After my dad died, I was so adamant about being happy and not crying over him because I felt it would be the right thing to do. But I learned that those cry spurts really help me from many of my “elongated dramatic cry spells”. Sometimes crying does help and it releases tensions. Now if you are crying tremendous amounts of time, perhaps it is time to seek professional help (and there is nothing wrong with getting professional help!) But when all else has failed, just cry it out. You will feel better.

6. Get Involved! When we feel down or out, getting involved in another activity may prove to be beneficial. I love to go outdoors and engage in a great water aerobic workout and when I get the “all clear” to do so from my doctor, you better believe I will be hitting the pool! If water aerobics is not your thing, then consider getting involved in gardening. If you have children, spend time with them by taking them to a museum or a movie. If you have a “boo” then make arrangements for you and your “boo” to go take a walk, go to dinner or simply watch a movie. Staying active can really keep the blahs away when they strike.

7. Meditation When we feel out of balance or feel depressed about what we see, hear or know, meditation is a great way to alleviate that. Turn on some calming music, turn off the t.v. and cellphone, light a candle and allow your mind just to be in a state of peace or quiet. Meditation will do wonders for your mental health.

Do you have a proven method of sending the blues packing? Share your thoughts and tips and watch related video by clicking here.


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