HOUSTON (CBS Houston) In an effort to educate and inform Houston residents about thefts of valuables in cars, the Houston Police Department showed the importance of vehicle safety by “burglarizing” a vehicle.

On Tuesday, authorities with the Houston Police Department’s Special Operations Division showed just how quickly thieves can break into a vehicle and steal items left in plain view every day by breaking into a car in a matter of seconds.  In fact, in less than six seconds, a plain clothes HPD officer used a hammer to smash a rear window and grab  two bags left on the back seat.

“It is a scenario seen all too often throughout the city. Through the end of March, more than 5,600 motor vehicles had been reported as being burglarized,” stated officials with HPD.


“We feel it is a crime that can be 100% preventable, if we can get citizens to help us,” said HPD Senior Police Officer Jay Roberts. “They can do this by not leaving their personal belongs in their vehicles- items such as purses, wallets, laptops, GPS devices.Crooks sit and watch as you go into your workout facility or a mall,” Officer Roberts explained. “Even though it only takes seconds, they know they’re going to have a long period of time to break into your vehicle and steal your items.”
According to officer Roberts, vehicle owners must take the time to either remove valuables from inside of the car such as clothing and recent purchases as well as compact disks with music, or take the time to place those treasured items out of the sight of the public. Officials  also stated that thieves prey on unsuspecting drivers who leave money, jewelry and bags in plain sight.

Click here to view the mock burglary of a car as demonstrated by members of HPD and click here to receive crime prevention tips that ensure safety and best practices for avoiding theft of your valuables.

Mock Burglary by HPD (Photo Credit: Houston Police Department)

Mock Burglary by HPD (Photo Credit: Houston Police Department)

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