Reading during the spring and summer months is a joy for many. One can acquire a great space in the great outdoors and become lost in a great adventure, delve into the realms of a mystery or allow the imagination to run wild with some science fiction. Regardless of your reading palette, you can save money and obtain great books without having to spend lots of cash. Check out these tips!

1. Become a “Special Member” at your local book store. Many book stores offer book rewards clubs in which customers can save money on best sellers and specialized books. Book stores offer members of their clubs great book and reading incentives. Usually, sign-up for the club is easy and free or involves very little cost and a card is issued to the customer that offers such incentives as discounts, first dibs on popular best-sellers and other reward programs.

2. Purchase paperback or eBooks of your favorite books. If you are looking for wonderful books, the latest adventures from your favorite author, then chances are you will find it in paperback. Paperback books are usually cheaper than hardback books. Also, there are a multitude of used book stores that offer paperback books for only a few dollars! eBooks are also great for saving money. I usually purchase self-help eBooks using my computer and read them when I am having a hard day. Sometimes, you can catch free eBooks on the Internet, so be on the watch for them!

(Photo Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

3. Check for book clubs within your community or neighborhood. Does your community center or local church have a local book club? Does that neighborhood store offer free books or reading offers for children? When it comes to saving pennies on reading, you may want to “book” it to your local community center for great deals. You can also find great reading clubs and children’s reading clubs within your newspaper or in local publications. Also, call the library to see what kind of great reading programs are being offered in your community.

4. Share the wealth! Have you ever thought of starting your own book club or book circle among your friends? Check with your buddies to see what great books they have, are reading and willing to share with you. You may also have great books that you can lend to friends who are looking for great recipe ideas, a wonderful adventure during their vacation or just simply want to catch the latest character in a best seller. Book sharing is great, economical and fun!

5. Make your local library your haven for great reading. Having a library card is a “gold card” that can be used to borrow and read books. The best part about the library is that most of what they loan out to the public is free or only costs a few dollars to rent. Take your children to the library, introduce them to the librarian and ask him or her how to obtain a card. Usually you need to show you are a resident with a utility bill or a form of ID such as a driver license or student ID card. Libraries offer a wealth of books about every subject imaginable and if you are real good friends with your community librarian, he or she will also make sure you have the latest and greatest book in your hands! Your librarian can also recommend additional books for you to read as well.Are you gearing up for some great summer reading? Check out additional information by clicking here!


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