HOUSTON (CBS Houston) A man was ambushed and killed after a robbery in southwest Houston; his body was found in the early morning hours of Saturday.

The victim’s body was found outside an auto repair shop on South Post Oak Road at Trafalgar Drive. According to detectives, the man, who appears to be in his 40s, got into an argument with his wife and left his home and headed south on Post Oak.

As investigators piece together the details of the crime, they are interviewing several witnesses who saw the man lying on the ground and stopped to help.

Additional reports indicate that the man was was approached by the suspects who took his belongings, attacked him and then fatally shot him right outside an auto shop.

The victim’s wife went looking for him and came upon the body. By the time she discovered him, he was already dead.

Detectives have no witnesses to the actual shooting and  are asking anyone who might have seen something while passing by the location to call them or call Crime Stoppers and leave information anonymously.


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