By DEEPI SIDHU, SportsRadio 610

Houston (CBS Houston) – The Texans are reportedly exploring their options at quarterback, according to Hub Arkush, publisher and editor of Pro Football Weekly.

“Everything we are hearing is that they know that they have to have a developmental prospect on the roster behind Matt Schaub.

It’s not as if they are looking for someone to challenge Matt Schaub for the job.”

Arkush said the pressure is on for the Texans after struggling twice in as many years in playoffs against teams who are not Cincinnati.

“I suspect that anything less than a Superbowl appearance is going to cause a lot of heat on them and that’s how it should be,” Arkush stated.

The Texans currently have a starter in Matt Schaub are reportedly looking to draft a quarterback in the middle rounds to groom into a starter one day.

“The focus right now is that T.J. Yates is not the future and you want to have somebody you can develop who hopefully will be.”

As for names of prospects the Texans might be targeting, Arkush deferred to the experience of the Texans’ General Manager.

“Rick Smith is probably a lot better at this than I am.  I am sure they have identified a couple of kids that they think are going to be under-drafted and that’s what you try and find.”

The Texans’ list of draft needs keeps growing.

The 2013 NFL Draft takes place April 25, 26, and 27th.