600- March Madness! Well, not so much madness thus far, I suppose…


630- TOP 3

645- yeah, so Royce White and I did a twitter q and a last night and it went about as expected, except it went on for about an hour… I feel legitimately bad for this this guy, to be honest…


715- Bernard Pollard audio from J&R



800-1000- TED JOHNSON


815- What does Ted think the Ed Reed impact will be?


845- 1. Maybe the NFL should stop changing the rules in the name of player safety and agree to give lifetime health insurance to vested players. My two cents on the rule change….everyone needs to calm down…this isn’t the beginning of the end of the NFL as we know it. Btw…Falcon’s Pres Rich McKay says the committee has always made player safety a top priority and the new rule (crown of helmet) has nothing to do with future litigation with former players. Uhhhhhhh right…

2. Someone asked McKay if he’s worried another league will challenge the NFL and go back to the way it was before all these rules were being implemented. A league that plays football “old school”. I thought that was an interesting take..

900- Jim Miller

915- 7. Coaching in the NFL has never been more important than it is now. Teams with the best coaching staff might make the difference (and with the best QB…I get that). Consider this… Teams are getting younger More 1yr signings this year than ever before New scheme being introduced (Read/Pistol) 8 new HC’s this year and they bring new systems/schemes with them. For example…Hip Hamilton the new OC in Indy runs the West Coast Offense which is nothing close to what the Colts ran last year. Titans hire Greg Williams and sign Shonn Greene (two back system). The new HC in JAX Gus Bradley was in Seattle last year watching his player Russell Wilson lighting it up so he might want to change things there as well….Geno Smith going 2nd to JAX??

930- I think the Texans need to pick up just one more accomplished veteran on defense. Dwight Freeny/Richard Seymor/John Abraham/Antoine Winfield/James Harrison (long shot…not Texans worthy)/Takeo Spikes. I think one more veteran addition makes a difference (particularly a DL).

945- Do you realize there isn’t one AFC team that runs the “Read Option”? Mike McCarthy and his staff flew down to Texas for a day to study that offense with Kevin Sumlin at A&M. All the teams that run it are in the NFC.

plus… Royce white q and a


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