HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Two suspects are in custody after a home invasion and high speed chase and fatal shooting.

The suspects are accused of breaking into a home on Auronia Drive at Donrel Way in northwest Houston and fatally shooting the homeowner. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office states that three suspects, at least one of whom is a minor, broke into the victim’s garage just after midnight Tuesday.

The victim awakened by the noise, then confronted the trio of suspects. It was then that one of the suspects shot and killed the victim and then all three drove off.

Authorities then spotted the suspects and then chased them.

During the chase, speeds reportedly reached close to 100 miles per hour. Officials’ pursuit of the suspects ended on Kentshire at Trumpet in northeast Houston, approximately 20 miles away from the victim’s home.

The suspects then got out of the car and began running on foot. Authorities were able to capture two of the suspects with the third not having been captured at the time of this report. Deputies continue their search for the third suspect as well as their investigation in the case.


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