Selling items on the Internet is a great way to make extra cash and income. From clothing to electronics, there seems to be a marketplace for virtually anything!

Check out these tips you can use to make some fast cash online!

1. Take Inventory of Your Items Look around your home and see what it is you want to sell. It is often true what “they” say: “What’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Do you have old textbooks that you need to sell? Did you purchase some shoes that were a winner at the store but turned out to be a loser once you got them home? Place in a pile all of the things you want to sell.

2. Go Through Your Items Many times we have new items or gently used items. Those items that are gently used need to be in great condition. Make sure that the stitching is still in tact, make sure that it looks presentable and ask yourself, “would I purchase this?”

3. Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words! Believe me… taking pictures of the item you want to sell really speaks volumes about you, the seller. Would you want to purchase something that is sight unseen? No. So take pictures, several of them for a great sale. For example, if you are selling a dining room set then take pictures of the table, the chairs, the back of the chairs and the legs of the table. Even if it has scratches on it, you can still sell it. Pictures, pictures and pictures!

4. Honesty Is A Great Policy! Being honest about your item for sale is a great way to develop a great relationship with your buyer. For example, I sold a great dining room set, took pictures of it and even wrote in the ad for the set that it had scratches. Do you know that I still sold that set? I sold it to a great college student who called it “pure gold”, even with its scratches. Many folks who are in the market for a great deal are in the business of refurbishing items. Sometimes folks do not want to pay for a new item, but rather purchase a used one and fix it up. So be honest about your item for sale. If it has a nick here or there, add that in the ad; chances are you will sell it anyway!

5. Be Negotiable Sometimes I sell great dresses online and if someone really wants to purchase those dresses, I will negotiate the price. I may knock off $5 for the dress. I am not saying that you have to be negotiable with all of the items you want to sell, but if you set a “dream, reasonable price”, and then you are willing to come down a bit, still making a profit from it, then you have a win-win situation for all!

6. Believe you will sell it It may sound crazy, but I honestly pray over the items I want to sell. I then take pictures of my item, write a fun, festive ad and then hold the belief that I will sell it. Craigslist is a great marketplace for the items I want to sell. Folks are looking for great deals not far from them and hey… if you are willing to deliver the item to the seller, say that and say… “How about $5 or $10 for my delivery charge?” Every time I offer to deliver, folks take me up on it!

You can make great money selling your items online. Just take pictures of your item, be honest about its condition and then believe that you will have cash in your hand very soon! You can do it!

Do you have additional tips you want to offer? Share them and watch related video here!


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