With St. Patrick’s Day landing well within our weekend this year, it’s a great time to throw a fantastic green-themed party celebrating Irish heritage, great fun and wonderful folks! Take a look at some ways you can throw a festive Irish-themed swaray without breaking your bank!

1. Let Your Neighborhood Bar/Restaurant Help! If you do not want to have the party at your place, call ahead to your favorite bar and see if you can reserve a few tables for friends. Bring some festive party favors and settings that you can find at your local store and make fun as well as memories!

2. Have a “Pot O’ Luck”! Are you not really interested in doing of the cooking? Well then assign party-goers to bring their favorite Irish-themed foods to the celebration! For example, ask a few friends to bring the bear, ask another few friends to bring the meat and cheeses. When you have a potluck, you are saving money as well as time and you can involve your friends and give them an opportunity to help out and show off their culinary skills( if they have any to show off!)

3. Decorate Using Your Imagination You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to purchasing decorations for your party. Check around your neighborhood for those discount shops and remember that you always can find great things at your local dollar store!

Do you have ideas that you use to create a great St. Patty’s Day party? Share them and click here for related video to view! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!