It’s the season for fun in the sun, great times and memories with friends and safety practices that ensure an enjoyable Spring Break for all.

Spring Breakers can still have fun while taking heed of safety. Take a look at a few safety tips that all Spring Break participants can benefit from.

1. Buckle Up! Just because you are on vacation does not mean that your seat belt has to be on vacation as well. Utilize that seat belt at all times. Whether it’s a quick trip to get some breakfast with your buddies or a legal beer run; make sure you are buckled up at all times when you are in a car.

2. Hotel/Motel Safety No matter where you are staying during your Spring Break, your temporary residence needs to be safe just as your permanent home is safe. This translates into locking your doors once you leave out as well as locking windows and ensuring fire hazards are not present (i.e. an iron left on or a candle left burning while you are away.) Treat your temporary abode just as you would your house and make sure it is always locked.

3. ATM Visits If you can, try to go to the ATM with friends or in well lit areas. Hopefully you have traveler’s checks with you but in the event you need cash, make sure you go in groups and you go where folks can see you. Also, make sure that you are alert when you make your transaction. Look around your area and check over your shoulder. The more alert you are, the better. When I went to Cancun with my girls, I went to the ATM before hand and kept my money in a combination small safe. I always kept it with me. It was small and compact. I got a code I could remember and accessed it when I needed cash. I also did this when in my room. I never took my small safe out of my room.

4. The Drinkin’ For fear of sounding like a parent, I will simply say that it really pays to be responsible. Please enjoy alcohol in moderation ( if you are of the drinking age, of course!) and enjoy those drinks with friends. It’s never a good idea to have drinks with the hot sun shining down on you; alcohol is depleting and can dehydrate you. Please make sure that if you had too much to drink, you are with a trusted friend as well as a designated driver and a “designated walker”… someone who can walk with you who his focused, strong and can assist you to your desired destination.

5. Code Words Heaven forbid something tragic happen to you but should you encounter a scary situation, consider the following: My friends and I used code phrases in order to signify there was trouble ahead. Let’s say for example, you meet up with some new people. You have your phone with you. Things take a negative turn and you don’t want to give away you are in trouble but you need others to know that you are in trouble. So during your call to your buddies, you use a code phrase that signifies that trouble is in the midst of the vacation. When my friends and I went to Cancun, we came up with the phrase “Cody said to call you; he is staying on the beach.” Once that phrase was uttered, it was time to spring into action to avoid trouble. When you are on Spring Break, you and your friends should do something similar.

6. Swimming Chances are that many beaches and pools on Spring Break destinations do not have lifeguards, so you definitely have to swim at your own risk. If you are not a good enough swimmer to swim, then don’t risk it!

7. Hookin’ Up OK. You have met a gorgeous gal or guy and you all have chosen to spend some time together. One thing leads to another and you all have decided to take things to another level. Please have protection with you and let a friend know where you are and how long you will approximately be there. I said it and that is all I will say.

Do you have Spring Break safety tips to pass along? Share them and watch related video here!