600- So, about Harvin and Boldin… I can get over Harvin, that would’ve been a VERY bold and risky move… But there’s NO REASON not to have made the Boldin trade. None whatsoever, and it should piss you off…

Cutting Kevin Walter and trading for Boldin would’ve cost you 3M. That’s it. How you don’t do it is beyond me, to be honest.

615- HEADLINES (Include the Harvin/Boldin trades as one headline)

630- TOP 3


700- Alex Marvez from FoxSports.com on Free Agency

715- Marvez reaction plus GOLD Kevin McHale Audio

730- Where is the flexibility for the Texans without cutting someone? Really, it’s just the following names… manning, JJo, Arian, Andre, Myers… And yeah, that’s essentially the whole list, believe it or not.

Back to Boldin miss, and looking at what could’ve been… But more importantly, what do the Texans from here?

Bright side is that the Ravens got worse and Harvin/Boldin didn’t go to AFC teams?

745- NO HUDDLE… This is so great http://deadspin.com/warning-if-you-troll-a-professional-boxer-on-twitter-452727665 … This is so awful http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/03/11/michael-vick-cancels-appearances-after-death-threats/

800- Texans fans should be mad about this Boldin trade, not the Harvin trade, but DEFINITELY the Boldin trade…

815- Vegas STILL loves the Texans, but I just can’t see it, not right now, at least… Patriots: 6/1. 49ers: 7/1. Broncos: 8/1. Seahawks: 8/1 (some improved odds a slightly after Harvin trade, others made no change) Packers: 10/1. Texans: 15/1. Falcons: 17/1. Giants: 18/1. Steelers: 18/1. Saints: 19/1. Ravens: 20/1 I mean, again, look at who Houston is losing, and who they AREN’T bringing in…

830- David Canter… agent for McCain, Dobbins and other NFLers…

845- Canter Reaction PLUS…

This McHale audio has to be revisited…

900- yeah, again, I’m pissed about Boldin and so should you… The math is simple… He is getting 6M, cutting Kevin Walter would save you 2.5M… Q isn’t worth 3.5M more than Walter? Gimme a break, man.

AND… It absolutely eliminates any need for a WR in the draft… AND it’s a 1 year deal so you’re not blocking Posey when he gets healthy in 2014…


930- Consolation prize? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/03/11/seahawks-offering-leon-washington-in-trade/ what about Cribbs? If you’re not going to improve one of your strengths, can you maybe eliminate one of your weaknesses?

PLUS… Marvez cuts from 7am and Canter from 830am


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