HOUSTON (CBS Houston) In the midst of fun, sun and a week sprinkled heavily with carefree bliss, Spring Break is that one week you use to regroup, connect with friends, fun adventures and festive activities. Before you head out for that highly anticipated trip, check out a few tips that will ensure you bring great essentials with you!

1. Check the weather of your destination before departing. Are you headed somewhere with a cool climate? Will you be romping around adventurously in heat? Look at your weather forecast and pack accordingly.

2. Jeans. You can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans. Chances are that you will not wear them everyday so one to two pair will be sufficient. Sometimes I pack them for a trip and never wear them. What a waste of suitcase!

3. Sunny Attire. If you are headed for some fun in the sun, then you definitely need a swimsuit as well as waterproof sunblock. Sports sunblocks made for athletes are great. They absorb in the skin quickly and give you great protection, regardless of your sweating issues.

4. Cool Runnings? If you are going somewhere cool, consider a sweater or two. I recommend no more than two sweaters. Sweaters can take up large amounts of space and chances are that you will not be wearing them frequently.

5. Shoes. If you are like me, then you will pack more shoes than you will clothes! Remember, if you plan on being by the beach the whole time, you really do not need a boatload of shoes. So one pair for going out and another pair for walking are ideal. Chances are, (if you are anything like me), you will find a few pair while on vacation to bring home! Make room for those wonderful discoveries and assets!

6. Not Too Many Toiletries. When I am home, I rub lemons on my legs to lighten them, cream on my face to even out the tone, acne medication to fight that little blemish and all kinds of lotions to stay toned. All of these items, however are not need, considering you will only be away for 5-7 days. So purchase those travel sizes of containers for your soap, creams and lotions. Buying the larger and bulky sizes of essentials will weigh your bags down.

Do you have any Spring Break clothing and packing tips? Share them and click here to watch related video!