HOUSTON (CBS Houston) If you are looking for a story that travels to the realms of disbelief, then this is the story that does so. It appears that a group of Memphis, Tennessee Ku Klux Klan members and the Grape Street Crips are teaming up to stop an upcoming KKK rally.

Dajuan Horton, a Crip Gang member who lives in Memphis apparently heard of the rally happening. Being totally and unequivocally against it, he decided to work on a rally to combat the coming KKK rally. He told a local news station that instead of meeting the opposing rally members with violence, he is offering a non-violent stand against them: “The first thing I was thinking was the largest rally you’ve even seen and you’re telling us about it,” he said. “You’re sending the first blow, we’re not throwing blows we’re going to dodge that one and hug you.”

Horton also made a video and posted it on YouTube; about his opposition of the rally. That video caught the attention of Bradley Jenkins, the Imperial Wizard for the United Klan of America. Jenkins watched Horton’s video and offered to stand with Horton as he works to repel the impending rally: “We will stand resolute with the citizens of Memphis and this young man and anyone in town, no matter what color they be, because hate and racism has no place,” Jenkins said. According to Jenkins, the KKK members who are proposing a rally at the end of March, are not true members of The Ku Klux Klan.

Jenkins said that this “fake group” of KKK members should not be taken seriously: “Don’t be fooled. They’re fooling the media, everybody these folks saying they’re Klan, they’re not Klan,” he added.

Jenkins’ remarks then leads one to believe that there are so-called “fake Klansmen” that are on their way to Memphis.

The real question is… fake or not…isn’t hate awful anyway it comes? Regardless, many may find it refreshing to know that two opposing groups with histories of violence, are coming together to make a united front against a group who is advocating potential violence, racism and hatred.

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  1. comcastfacts says:

    Hate is 100% accepted by liberals and the liberal media when it comes to BLM.

    1. comcastfacts says:

      As long as the protest of the rally doesn’t get violent, and the rally itself doesn’t get violent, I have no problem with any of these people expressing their views, regardless of how repugnant I might personally find them.

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