600- Texans… Do you go for it right now? Do you do that with Matt Schaub at QB? Can you mortgage JJ Watt’s future with Schaub at QB? I say wait one year, and I’ll explain… Lopez says be bold, and he will explain as well.


630- TOP 3

645- Rockets and rest of NBA action from Wednesday… Rockets blow another great opportunity and they do it because they simply couldn’t close out quarters…


Life Update-What are you doing now? Are you sober? Are you on medication? Where are you living? When was the last time you saw your children?

Super Bowl- What was your reaction when you heard Tim Brown’s comments? Did Bill Callahan have ANYTHING to do with your self-described manic episode in Mexico before the Super Bowl?… What did Bill Callahan actually do?

Opinion- Is our mental health system broken? Did those police use excessive force in 2005? Do you still think relapse is an inevitability? Where do you go from here?

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE… No, I don’t like the Chiefs deal. In fact, it makes me sad….


-What does Vandy think about the discussion from 6am…

830- Rockets…

845- That looming issue from yesterday that we never got to…

….Plus, a quick Barrett Robbins reset setting up 9am…

900- Best of Barrett Robbins…



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