GRETNA, La. (CBS Houston) – A man is suing an area hospital, claiming that he woke up during a cataract surgery and subsequently lost vision in one eye.

According to the Louisiana Record, the Mississippi native is also claiming that he was silenced and restrained when he tried to inform surgeons of his alert state and the failure of the anesthetic, and likened the experience to torture.

The victim, Hector L. Alonso, reportedly filed the suit on Jan. 7 against Tulane University Medical Center, Columbia HCA of New Orleans Inc., Franklin Rawlings M.D. and Shehab A. Ebrhim M.D., the paper reported.

According to the Record, Alonso awoke during the cataract surgery being performed on his right eye. He asked the surgeons to stop the procedure, but he asserts that one of the doctors present quieted him by putting tape over his mouth instead. While he was held down, he allegedly swallowed one of his teeth knocked out of place during the experience.

Alonso is now suing for the loss of vision in his right eye, as well as the “tortured” experience of being restrained during the surgery, and is seeking damages for both his resulting disability, and for mental and physical suffering.

The amount of his claim has not been disclosed.

Multiple charges have also reportedly been filed against the defendants, including failures to properly treat the patient, and assault and battery.

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