When it comes to our crowning glory, there are options galore to create volume, length, and even great color. Color-treated hair is hair that requires extra maintenance. Check out these ways you can maintain healthy tresses while having captivating color!

1. Use a shampoo and conditioner created especially for color-treated hair. After you have treated your hair to color, look for shampoos that are designed specifically for color-treated hair. Make sure to stay away from harsh agents and ingredients that can make hair dull, “brassy” and coarse.

2. Wear hats or hair products with sunscreens to prevent your color from fading and drying in the sun. Products that have vitamins and minerals for healthy hair are of great benefit to you as well.

3. Eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Your color-treated hair needs to be strong inside and out. From your scalp to the ends of your hair, make sure you maintain a healthy diet to ensure great long, healthy and colorful locks.

4. Before getting into a chlorine pool, consider placing a fortifying conditioner and mineral water mixture in the hair. Color-treated hair that hits chlorine can make for a dull color. Also wear a swim cap to protect your hair.

5. Condition your hair often and try not to brush hair when wet. Instead of using combs and brushes on wet color-treated hair, consider using your fingers to untangle wet color-treated hair.

6. Keep heat away from your color-treated hair as much as possible. Excessive use of such appliances as blow driers, curling irons and flat irons can cause damage to the hair. If you have the time, air dry your hair and then bump it with a curling iron if need be.

7. Consider “special treatments” for your hair. Color-treated hair is special hair and needs added nourishment and hydration. Treatments such as warm olive oil, and special conditioners that lock in moisture are great as your hair adjusts to being colored. Avocados make for great nourishment for hair.

Now I always advise a professional to administer color into your hair but seek a professional if you are wanting to:

1… lighten or darken your hair more than three shades of its original color.

2. …you colored your hair and now you have a minor catastrophe on your hands.

3. …your hair is beginning to fall out (That really is a “no-brainer” I know…)

4. …you have never colored your hair.

So enjoy your color-treated hair and remember that it needs extra TLC.

Do you have additional ways to fortify colored hair? Share them and watch related video by clicking here.


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