Kurt Heilin at 10:45a

Freeney no longer a Colt…. While it seems like this is something that we should celebrate, honestly it concerns me some. That is another smart move by the Colts to let him go. It shows the type of detachment that the Patriots have shown for years and will free up extra cap space for a team that is already a dangerous team. They don’t lose much by night having him there (5 sacks last season) and cap space used wisely can be a very dangerous thing for the Texans.

A new test at the combine…. New test won’t replace wonderlic but it’s hard to imagine that if it doesn’t suck it won’t end up phasing out the wonderlic. Is there any way we could get a hold of one of these?

Vikings not trading Harvin… I know there would have been other problems caused by bringing him in here (and maybe some that I wouldn’t be ok with) but I can’t say that I’m happy to see that there is no chance of him coming here.

The Metrodome is gone and the Vikings will spend two years playing at the Golden Gopher’s stadium…. seems like something should be able to be done within one year

Clady gets the franchise tag… makes me glad that Brown is under a long term contract since he will be making $2.5 instead of almost $10 million @CBSSports
Danica Patrick is now the first woman to ever win the pole for the Daytona 500.

Morey to get a new deal… I have not been his biggest advocate but I think landing Harden is enough to warrent more time. Not necessarily a long term extension because I feel like at some point it’s time to shit or get off the pot but he is possibly the best GM I’ve ever watched at adding value on almost every moves he makes. His batting average seems like it is .800 and I can’t complain about keeping him around for that. I just need him to raise his OPS because before Harden his OPS was about .900.

Are you ok with Harden playing tonight? I mean if he is really 100% then I guess that’s fine but it seems a lot like a kid getting over his cold on a Friday. If his ankle has been that much of a problem for him wouldn’t it be a better idea to take a little longer break so that there is no chance of him re-injuring himself? Maybe that is me being a selfish fan… Do I have that right?

Crane plays with the President and Tiger…. wow, what a threesome. Any chance he was more intimidated by playing with Tiger than the President? Oh, yeah he talked about the team some too, but eh….

@KellyTilghmanGC: After Tiger Woods & President Obama played 18 holes at Floridian this am, the President went 9 more. Tiger headed home.

Bosh is a douche for shooting threes… I get that it is the all star game and that’s kind of what he gets to do here but I don’t really like him and that makes me like him less

The Rockets normally score more than the East did in the first qtr (26)…

Arian Foster @ArianFoster
If you want the probowl to be played like a real game, join an nfl team, get voted to the probowl, play 16+ games, then play your heart out!

The all star game should be secretly decided by who has more dunks… at this point I’d take team Griffin

Tom Ziller @teamziller
Everyone hating on Alicia’s pants need to watch more Project Runway. Those are upscale and wearable

darren rovell @darrenrovell
With Coca Cola owned Sprite spending so much w/NBA & the All Star Game, Kyrie Irving (Pepsi’s Uncle Drew) could never win MVP.
Kind of a sad commentary on where sports are now


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