HOUSTON (CBS Houston) So we are in the midst of All-Star Weekend and there are parties galore! What will you wear to turn heads and savor all of the moments of this glorious weekend?

Check out these tips on how to dress for party success this weekend!

1. Sequins! Whether you are wearing jeans or black pants, a sequined top, jacket or even blouse is a great accessory! Sequined clothes are no longer for “after five” events. They are for everyday wear! Check with your local or second-hand shop before spending an “arm or leg” on your “bling”!

(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

2. Dresses Black, red or even multicolored dresses with a great heel would be a great way to welcome All-Star weekend!

3. Accessories If you do not have the cash for a new outfit, then consider purchasing some really great accessories. A few sequined bracelets or a necklace can “breathe new life” into a great outfit you already have!

4. Jeans! Jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing I know. They can be dressed “up or down”. They can be accompanied by a great sequined top or even a jacket with cowboy boots!

Do you have some All-Star tips you can share for fashion? Sound off below and watch related video here!