600- Rockets! … And Royce White’s debut!

615- HEADLINES…. Nerlens Noel injury update, please.

630- TOP 3

645- This athlete failure porn has got to stop… http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8940651/vince-young-ex-adviser-loan-was-300k-party This is an indictment on us, you get that, right? This being on the front page of ESPN.com is as much of a statement on us as it is Vince Young.

700- You see how Tony Romo is getting this extension http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/02/12/cowboys-remain-focused-on-romo-extension/ ? This speaks to my point on Schaub which is that had the Texans not extended Schaub, they would likely be in a worse position than they are now, believe it or not…

715- Let’s talk about this idea that fans “pay these guy’s salaries” because, ummm, actually, no, you really don’t… You pay for a service, but even that isn’t where most of their money comes from. So this entitled fan thing has to calm down a bit…


730- So we know what McClain thinks the Texans WON’T do… Here’s my question: Does he think the Texans can get to a Super Bowl sticking to their script… Does the General think they can get over the hump without shaking something up significantly?

PLUS, if it were up to the General, would he take a run at Percy Harvin?

745- NO HUDDLE… People really are upset about this wrestling leaving the Olympics, huh?… This Derrick Rose situation makes me sad http://sports.yahoo.com/news/bulls-rose-says-hes-far-200353956–nba.html

800- What effect would a widened field have on the NFL? It would be the most drastic change since… what?

Speaking of changes, the General’s been watching the NFL forever, how did fans respond to the most significant changes over the years?

815-I want to know from the General how a Royce White character would play in the NFL…

830- Jadeveon Clowney… Hey look! Steve Spurrier thinks Clowney should stay and makes a ludicrous comparison along the way http://www.ajc.com/weblogs/college-recruiting/2013/feb/12/steve-spurrier-reacts-media-suggestions-clowney-sh/ … What does the General think this would do to Clowney’s draft stock, if he sat out a season and, let’s assume, still killed at the Combine.

845- McClain’s thoughts on our 700 segment and what the Texans would be doing if they HADN’T signed Schaub to an extension….

Plus… what does the General think about the way we celebrate athletes going broke and get off on it…

900- So what’s going on with Chris Dorner… Cuz this ish is crazy…


930- This tweet is going to infuriate people, and people are going to be mad that I even bring it up, but screw it, I think it’s worth discussing https://twitter.com/realfreemancbs/status/301393844791033856


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