AUSTIN, Texas (CBS HOUSTON) — The head of the Texas Board of Education assured state Senate Democrats that only Darwin’s Theory of Evolution will be taught in science classes throughout the state.

WOAI News reports that Texas Board of Education Chair Barbara Cargill told senators that the state’s science classrooms and textbooks will not teach or facilitate discussion of religious-based beliefs in public schools.

“I do not want in the textbooks Creationism or Intelligent Design,” Barbara Cargill told senators who are considering her re-nomination as the head of the 15-member board. “It is all the science, so, yes, I will stand by the position that those should be taught at home or in the church.”

Democratic State Sen. Kirk Watson of Austin hammered at the point, saying, “Those issues would be better taught at home or in the church,” WOAI reports.

The Texas State Board of Education is elected by the general public in single-member districts but the chair position that Cargill is seeking is appointed by Republican Gov. Rick Perry. As a gubernatorial appointee, the chair position requires the approval of the Texas state Senate.

And not all the senators were as supportive of the evolution-only public school textbooks and teachings being touted by Cargill.

“Because we do not have the scientific facts to teach creation, does that mean we can’t teach that God created women and men,” asked Sen. Donna Campbell, a Republican from New Braunfels. “Are we trying to eliminate that?”

Cargill stressed throughout the meeting that the traditionally conservative board will not require the teaching of Creationism or Intelligent Design under her second-term leadership.

“Those things are to be taught at church or in the home,” she said. “I have been very clear about that.”