HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Perhaps the sweetest thing you can give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day is an amazing gift that costs well under $100. With the money you save, you could purchase an even bigger surprise later in the year. Take a read of some gifts that you really do not need to spend a lot of money on for your sweetie during this Valentine’s Day.

1. Music Chances are, the love of your life loves great tunes. Compact disks always make for great gifts. You can also give your sweetie a gift card for music off of iTunes as well. Purchase the gift card or CD and place it inside of a heart-shaped or red box for added creativity.

2. Items for the Home Your sweetie may be in need of an item for their home or work office. It’s during this time that you need to be a listener to see what is needed. Perhaps your love needs a new lamp for work, or needs a container for pencils or something else. Pay attention and visit your love’s favorite store for a multitude of gifts that cost well under $100 but would be perfect and priceless for your boo.

3. Undergarments If you are comfortable buying your love those unmentionables that really make magic in the bedroom, grab a couple and be sure to take advantage of stores that are offering “Valentine’s Day Sales”.

4. Everyday things For the man in your life, how about a set of car washes from his favorite car wash service as a Valentine’s Day gift? Check with the car wash place and see if you can purchase several car washes for your love. If your boo is a movie buff, a great gift card to a movie would really be great! Does your dear heart have a favorite lunch spot? Consider a gift card that would ensure your love would be able to eat a great meal there, on you, for at least a week.

(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

5. Homemade Meals Valentine’s Day is all about intimacy and love. So perhaps a trip to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for your love’s favorite meal could be in order. Breakfast in bed with fresh fruit and heart-shaped pancakes is a real winner! Candles, pasta, soup or whatever your love loves is ideal. You could stay well under $100 creating a magical meal for two.

There are a multitude of things you can get your boo during this Valentine’s day without breaking the budget and they span beyond the usual flowers, candy and chocolates. Watch the video below for more ideas: