Sometimes stress is inevitable when it comes to our daily lives. We meet with people as well as deadlines, fill orders, raise children, deal with spouses and girlfriends (and those boyfriends). We also work around the clock on projects and simply endure daily tasks. Life can be a bit overwhelming but there are ways you can relieve stress and turn to activities for healthy alternatives to stressful days and nights. Here are some ways to simply relieve that stress in your life.

1. Get Your Laugh On! Are you one who loves to laugh? Then watch a funny show, movie or series on television that is packed with humor in an effort to relieve stress. Studies indicate that when you laugh, you actually cause a pleasurable change in your body’s chemistry that lasts as long as 45 minutes. So laugh it up in an effort to remain healthy.

2. Breathe When we encounter a stressful situation, sometimes we forget to breathe. Our tempers are short, our breath is stagnant and we do not take the time to inhale and exhale. So during that stressful situation, take a breath, count to five or ten… and breathe. You will be so thankful you did.

3. Reach For Water We all know the benefits of drinking water; you can add drinking a glass of it as a stress-reliever to its benefits. Drinking water goes hand in hand with point number two above. Remembering to breathe in great oxygen and downing a glass of water after encountering a stressful situation will really make things better.

4. Interact With A Furry Friend After a long and stressful day, interaction with your pet may prove to be beneficial to lowering those stress levels. Pets are great when it comes to needing to de-stress. Studies have shown that just the physical contact with pets or even just their presence has been proven to be therapeutic for hospital patients. Toss a ball or a stick with your dog, or play with some balls or yarn with your cat. Interact with your pet to allow some of the stresses of your day to dissipate and bring a feeling of calm and peace (and even lower your blood pressure too!)

(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

5. Mediate I don’t care what kind of day it has been, I always take time to meditate. All you need is a quiet place, a great room, music if you like it and perhaps an open window. Focus on your heartbeat, or even the rain you hear outside hitting the window pane. Take time to breathe in and breathe out. Think of a wonderful thought and allow that thought to multiply. Meditation is great for reliving stress and gaining inner wellness and being. Meditation helps you to stay grounded and really works in creating positivity within you. If you are not one who meditates, just try it for ten minutes. If you do meditate, continue to do so and incorporate more of it into your life to de-stress and simply be in a place of peace.

6. Turn On Some Tunes! Did you know that music is a great way to help feel peace or calm? Whether you are dancing to some great hits or simply listening to some reflective music that inspires meditation, peace or tranquility, the calming effect of music has been proven beneficial in such places as emergency rooms, during dental examinations, before and after surgery and during labor and even in the workplace. I have a great station that I listen to at work and it really helps to center me and believe it out not, I can perform my work duties even better!

7. Spend Time With Nature I have to admit: I LOVE Houston for so many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is its mild temperatures. It’s so easy to connect with nature when you are not in the midst of a snow storm during winter! I love going to the park to power walk and simply being in a quiet state in which I can reflect, dream, make decisions, be happy about previous experiences and etc… So if you have a backyard or access to a nice natural environment, go outside, and just relax in nature!

What are some ways you alleviate stress? Share them with us and watch related video below!