Every now and then, it’s good to watch a little television. Cable companies offer a wide range of plans that can fit any budget. There are, however, ways you can further reduce your that cable bill. Take a look at some ways to cut costs on cable!

1. Ask! I remember looking at my cable bill and thinking “I really do not need to spend this money on this bill”! So, I called my cable provider and asked what programs or incentives they had for me, a devoted cable customer. To my surprise, I was able to cut my cable costs virtually in half! Sometimes, in life what you want is only but a request away. So ask and see what you are able to get in terms of reduced costs! Also, if you are not happy with the customer service representative you speak with, politely thank him or her for their help and simply call again. Having a great attitude and smiling while you talk to a CSR really makes a difference. It also helps when you speak with someone who has the same “sunny” disposition you have. So just ask!

2. Get Rid Of Some Channels Sometimes reducing your cable bill means getting rid of some premium channels. You have to ask yourself those hard-hitting questions such as: “do I really need 10 movie channels? There are services that offer the same movies but at a reduced cost. Also, check with friends to see if they have the DVD of that movie you want to see. You can also visit your library. Sometimes a blockbuster or two is there to rent for free! Look at your bill and see where you can shave off some savings when it comes to channels.

3. Cut It Out If need be, you may have to cut the cord on your cable company all together. The truth is, the Internet offers free and very valuable ways you can watch programs for a fraction of what your cable is. If you are “news junkie”, I suppose you may need your cable, but for movies, or even show episodes, you can always consider websites such as Hulu, YouTube and others that post the latest and greatest in television. Also, their services are not as expensive as cable. So consider living without cable. I know I did for about a year and did not feel slighted in the least!

What are some ways you save on your cable bill? Share them with us and watch related video below!



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