600- What does the Ravens winning the Sper Bowl tell us about what matters in the regular season in the NFL?

615- HEADLINES… Obvious Super Bowl stories PLUS NFL Awards http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_ /id/8908775/nfl-awards-2012-13-adrian-peterson-beats-peyton-manning-win-mvp

630- Top 3… Commercials? MMs anything for love… Audi prom… My god that godaddy commercial was horrifying… Best buy Amy poehler… Jamaican guy VW… Leon Sandcastle!

645- Joe freaking Flacco… He’s in the top 8, no doubt… But how high does he go? How much money should he get?

700- JACOBY JONES!!! I mean, what do you even say…

715- How the hell does this happen at the Super Bowl? The freaking lights go out? Really?…

PLUS NFL awards… JJ Watt, and AD gets what he deserves.

730- Beyonce at the half, and where the Ravens are better than e Texans ASIDE from QB?

745- NO HUDDLE… The Harbaugh fake FG, that was bizarre… Who were we blaming the blackout on on Twitter?

800- Joe Flacco ladies and gents… And, oh yeah, Jacoby Jones!!!!

815- what the hell were the Niners thinking on the final series of the game?


845- our favorite commercials… And how do the Texans do what the Ravens did? What do they need to add?

900- Jim Harbaugh needs to calm down a bit… wasted timeouts cost San Fran the Super Bowl?

PLUS… Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and their places in history…


930- so… How did Jerome Bogers crew actually do?

945- Seth Payne at theSuper Bowl…


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