Packing for a weekend getaway can be an arduous task but it doesn’t have to be. With a two-day excursion in your horizon, you can can pack simple yet wonderful clothing that will not will not cost you a backache later.

Check out these tips for packing for that weekend getaway:

1. Make sure that you know what to expect weather wise during your weekend trip. Are you going somewhere fun with lots of sun? Or will it be a cool and dry area that you will visit? Knowing what to expect in terms of weather will make your clothing choices great and sensible.

2. Pants are great but only a few are needed. If you anticipate wearing pants, consider some that are comfortable and can be worn with a multitude of outfits. Blue jeans are a great option just as Khaki pants are great as well. Both styles of pants can be “dressed up” as well as “dressed down”.

3. In addition to your basic items, such as underwear and socks, consider clothing that can be light but just right. Cardigans are great to pack as they can be removed if you feel too warm. If you anticipate going out for a night on a town, consider a great dress that does not need ironing and looks great with or without a sweater. For you men, consider a blazer that can be placed on top of your suitcase and then zipped up, ready to go.

4. Shoes are great to wear, of course, so consider at least two pair for your weekend. getaway. As a woman, I find that a great pair of patent loafers are wonderful, stylish and fashionable options. I always bring a great heel, in case I want to feel sexy and alluring. Gym shoes are also great, should I anticipate a great walk in a park; sometimes , however, I just don’t feel like exercising on my weekend trip so loafers and heels it is!

5. I always anticipate what I will be doing on my trip and the weekend is only two days (perhaps three if there is a holiday on Monday). Not much is needed. I will bring my digital camera that is small and lightweight if I anticipate some great views.

6. During a weekend getaway, I want to travel as light as possible. So the “normal” sizes of things is not necessary. There is no need to bring a “truckload” of toiletries. So remember to place your grooming goods in smaller bottles… you’re only going away for two days, three max!

7. Remember to find a lightweight and durable bag. One that has pockets and compartments always serves me best!

What are some tips you use when packing for a few day getaway? Share them below and watch related video!