As written by Jim Mudd

My little girl turns 12 today.

Dani is a beautiful young lady. She’s sweet and always thinks of others first. I have to admit, she gets those traits from her mother. What she gets from me is her super genius brain, and a smart-alecky sense of humor.

Now that she’s twelve it’s likely that she has fewer years in my house than the twelve that I’ll always cherish. This makes me think about her life and wonder if I’ve given her good advice or if I’ve been a good example as a father.

Some lessons in life are easy like: be nice to people, share with others, and respect your elders. Those will get you through most situations in life. She has learned them well.

I’ve also taught her not to let others push you around. She’s learned that lesson well also. Just recently she punched a boy in the face. On a dare he had to hit the next girl on the bus in the chest area. It was his rotten luck that Dani was the next girl on the bus. He did what he was supposed to do. He hit her as she walked by. Dani turned around and punched him the face. As she told me the story she said “I hit him hard enough to leave a mark, but held back so he wouldn’t cry in front of his friends”. She has also learned to show others mercy.

One of the things that I love about Dani is that she’s a great hugger. When your little girl gives you a tight hug nothing else in the world matters. She gave me a hug the other day but this one was different. This time she was able to get her arms all the way around me.

I’ve now lost over 90 lbs thanks to The Quick Weight Loss Center. Dani has never known me at this size. I’ve been a husky guy her entire life. So when she was able to get her arms around me it was a big moment for both of us. For her it was a sign that she was getting bigger. For me it was a sign that I was getting smaller. I’m not sure who was prouder at that moment.

That moment made me think of a lesson that I’m learning. The Quick Weight Loss Center is teaching me how to eat right. I’m eating fresh food every meal. I’m not eating processed food out of a box. When we go out to eat at a restaurant I know how to make better choices.

Life likes to hand you second chances. We just have to recognize them.

I was overweight and QWLC has given me another chance at a normal life.

If I give Dani bad advice or mishandle a situation life gave me a second chance to get it right. I can always do it better with Emily. She’s only 9. I still have plenty of time with her. Right?


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