For many of us, prescription meditations are a must-have in order to ensure our well being and longevity. But for many of us the cost of prescription drugs can be a major burden. So what do you do should those life-saving medications cost most that you can afford? Check out these tips in order to lower your costs for prescribed medications.

1. Have a Heart to Heart With Your Health Care Professional Sit down and talk with your doctor, nurse or the health care professional who is prescribing the medication to you. Are there generic brands that can be used as a substitute? Is it a necessity that you take the medication? Are there herbs or vitamins that can be taken as substitute? Are there exercises that you can take that can be done in place of the medication? Explore alternatives with your doctor and tell them what your budget is. You will find that many doctors will help you in your quest to lower or even eliminate your prescription medication costs.

2. Investigate Generic Options There are so many prescribed drugs that have generic companions that are just as effective as the name brand drug. Explore those generic brands and talk to a pharmacist about them. For many drugs, you can save as much as 70%-80%.

3. Investigate Discount Prescription Plans Take the time to learn as much as you can about discount prescription plans. Many of them are very beneficial, especially if you have to take medication frequently.

4. Do Your Comparison Shopping Shop around. Call various pharmacies in your area and do that comparison shopping. Often times, you can often find discounts for ordering a 30- or 90-day supply of prescribed medications. Many companies such as AARP, have programs that offer medications at a discount. So see what you currently have, check and see if you are entitled to a discount and take full advantage of it. Also, if you are a student, find ways that you can save money using your student status.

Do you have ways that you save on prescribed medications? Share them with us and watch related video below:


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