By JIM MUDD, SportsRadio 610

One of my biggest weaknesses in life has been chocolate.

I like chocolate everything. I’ll eat anything that has chocolate.

When I made the decision to change my life and called The Quick Weight Loss Center I was a chocolate fiend. If there was chocolate in my field of vision it was going to get eaten.

One of the things that really helped my constant grazing was the Fat Burner. It helped control my cravings and gave me energy. It eliminated my need to stand in front of the pantry at night looking for a snack.

It wasn’t the only thing that helped. Oh, no it wasn’t.

Let me tell you about my favorite candy bar. It’s the Q-Pro Chocolate Decadence Protein Bar. Before you think I’m just selling product let me assure you I am not. I’m not here to sell stuff. I’m here to talk about chocolate.

This bar has a gooey layer of chocolate on top of a granola bar. To make it even better both of those rest on a chocolate crust. When I tell you it’s delicious I mean it in every sense of the word. This bar satisfies my need for chocolate.

I credit this bar, among other things, to my success so far.

It really is part of the brilliance of the QWL system: Teach people how to eat well, provide a support system of trained councelors, and provide tasty treats.


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