600- Bob McNair called Schaub mediocre. How does this make you feel?


630- TOP 3… A restaurant is naming one of it’s dishes for Lopez. The Chupacabra. Question is, what’s in it?

645- MORE LIKELY TO HAPPEN … Featuring Manti Te’o, Tyron Matthieu and more.

700- here’s what I want from a coach… Any coach… Take the Moneyball approach to 4th downs, 2pt conversions, punts and FGs… I truly believe this could be worth an extra 2 wins a year to whomever does it first… Kubiak, anybody?

715- what about Josh Smith and the Rockets… I’m a bit conflicted on this one, to be honest http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8860876/which-team-trade-hawks-forward-josh-smith

730- let’s talk Rockets, CSN Houston and the Houston Press/David Barron story…

745- NO HUDDLE… This. Is. Awesome. http://deadspin.com/5977808/new-orleans-welcomes-the-super-bowl-with-a-roger-goodell-being-eaten-by-a-giant-vagina-float … These guys wives need to shut up http://deadspin.com/5977771/wes-welkers-wife-took-to-facebook-to-say-some-unkind-things-about-ray-lewis

800- Bob McNair’s Q&A on the Texans… Any surprises here at all? Anything that jumps out at you?

815- Speaking of theories… These are the guys I would ALWAYS take a chance on http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2013/01/21/lousiana-state-lsu-tyrann-mathieu-senior-bowl-nfl/1852971/

830- at this point, should Teo even talk to Katie Couric? I mean, what is he trying to do? And somehow, the sports fan seems COMPLETELY over this story.

845- rockets and Josh Smith and to make a move before the deadline or wait til the offseason…

900- Elite coaches and Kubiak… What can he do? I have a theory…. Well, more like a wish…


930- The Legend of John Lopez and the Men’s Wearhouse…


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