Grocery store shopping can be an arduous task but it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to purchasing the essentials (as well as the non-essentials ) at the grocery store, there are steps you can take to save money on your grocery bill, regardless of your income.

Check out ways you can cut costs when it comes to your grocery bill.

1. Eat and go to the grocery store on a full stomach. Generally, when we are hungry and we go shopping at a grocery store, we tend to overspend on foods because our stomachs are growling! A great way to save money on your trip down those food isles is to eat a great meal before you head out to do your food shopping as you are less inclined to spend money on foods you really do not need (or want).

2. Make a shopping list. Before heading out, sit down and make a list of the grocery items needed. Check the refrigerator, the cabinets and the cupboards and see what needs to be replaced. Plan out your meals for the week and figure out what needs to be purchased. Shopping with lists as opposed to shopping without them is a great way to stay on target and stay within your budget.

3. Skip the Toiletries. If you can stick to purchasing grocery items only at the grocery store, then you are doing yourself a great service. Leave the toiletries alone. Did you know that toiletries can cost up to 20-40% more in the grocery store? Sometimes there are special sales on toilet paper and personal hygiene items but as a rule, it’s a great idea to leave the purchase of those items elsewhere where you can get great value on them.

4. Clip coupons! Coupons offer great savings on items that you need, so clip them! As a young girl, my mom used to clip her coupons and would save them in a great big box that was organized. Coupons offer ways to stack savings on food so save them, and clip them!

5. Take inventory of what you DO have. Chances are, you have certain items at your home and you do not need to purchase them again at the grocery store. So in an effort to save money, jot down what you already have so as not to spend additional money on the same items.

6. Shop with cash and leave the plastic at home! If you are able to, shop with cash when you can. The tendency to overspend comes when we can use plastic!!!

What are your best saving money tips when you head to the grocery store? Share them with us and watch the video below for additional ways to save!


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